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DISTRICT 88 LTD is a Chinese company established in 2007 primarily focusing on sourcing and production

We are our clients’ extended arm in China and utilizing our broad network of suppliers to ensure that our clients can maintain quality control and at all times have clear communication channels and visibility of the production processes

We achieved superior standards of service for our clients for more than a decade. Since our story began, we have consistently evolved to meet modern market demands. The inherent driver behind our performance is a passion for the key values that define our business and your success.

Our mission is to achieve globally responsive design and supply solutions that combine technical excellence, competitive costing, exemplary social compliance and diversity of service.


This is underpinned by our commitment to delivering innovation, response and value for every client.

Innovation is embedded in every aspect of our business, from pioneering directional garment design to progressing a business model that anticipates and adapts to tomorrow's challenges.
Response reflects our globally adaptable supply chain, with a manufacturing and sourcing network that is able to achieve efficient delivery even in unpredictable conditions.
Value is delivered via our expertise in product interrogation, rigorous negotiation, responsive production techniques and logistical expertise.

These values go hand in hand with our strong commitment to social compliance, ensuring that we benefit communities and minimise our impact on the environments in which we operate.

Our Lean strategy drives us to strive for continuous improvement in all our operations to deliver greater consistency with less waste. We track our performance and build collective responsibility through a shared vision, the engagement of our people & the promotion of teamwork to serve our customers.

Cutting edge design and development
A global network of sourcing and manufacturing expertise
Total quality control from prototyping to bulk shipment
Transparent communication and pro-active problem solving
Exemplary ethical and environmental standards

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